Coffee Sets & Plungers

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350ml Euro Coffee Plunger
For coffee and tea lovers, here are our customised 350ml Euro Coffee Plungers to keep you alert all day.
from $14.33 to $11.31 ea
50 min qty
Small Tea Plunger
Small Tea Plunger is a popular Christmas gift or way to reward staff for their hard work
from $16.83 to $11.83 ea
50 min qty
Large Coffee Plunger
Experience the fun of making your own morning drink with these customised Large Coffee Plungers.
from $17.02 to $12.11 ea
25 min qty
Glass Coffee Plunger
Glass Coffee Plungers are perfect for all those coffee lovers, also serving as a premium promotional gift
from $17.40 to $12.51 ea
50 min qty
Steel Coffee Plunger
Steel Coffee Plungers are executive quality promotional products that look great with a laser engraved company logo
from $19.10 to $13.94 ea
25 min qty

Our coffee plungers and coffee sets provide maximum promotional potential because products such as printed tea sets and mugs with plunger sets are hot items in a country like Australia that loves its coffee. The café culture across Australia will definitely make sure these marketing coffee sets are put to good use after they are handed out at trade shows or coffee expos.

Advertising space is provided on all coffee plungers, tea sets, coffee sets, mugs and plunger sets for your personalised corporate message, which can be pad printed or laser engraved into each unit.

Perhaps the best idea about these high quality coffee plunger sets is that they come in bulk so you can get your message out to heaps of people at one time. We also have a huge range of promotional glassware for sale elsewhere.