Herbal Tea & Coffee

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Custom Tea Bags
Custom Tea Bags are very effective promotional tools that can be custom printed and come with your choice of five flavours
from $0.71 to $0.22 ea
2500 min qty
Individual Promo Tea Bags
Individual Promo Tea Bags are available in five different flavours and are great promotional giveaway items
from $1.89 to $0.88 ea
500 min qty
Therapeutic Herbal Tea Jar
Therapeutic Herbal Tea Jars contain therapeutic herbal tea designed for your health and wellbeing
from $2.72 to $2.15 ea
150 min qty
Herbal Tea Travel Tin
Herbal Tea Travel Tins are the perfect size and contain quality herbal tea making them a great promotional tool
from $3.44 to $2.65 ea
150 min qty
Corporate Hot Chocolate Sachet
Corporate Hot Chocolate Sachets are an innovative value for money promotional marketing idea for any business giveaway.
from $3.65 to $2.73 ea
2500 min qty
Corporate Instant Drink Sachet
Corporate Instant Drink Sachets are an ideal promotional marketing giveaway idea for any business.
from $3.66 to $2.43 ea
2500 min qty
Personalised Coffee Sachet
Personalised Coffee Sachets are an ideal advertising initiative when custom imprinted with the logo of your choice.
from $4.71 to $3.03 ea
2500 min qty
Custom Printed Tea Caddie
Custom Printed Tea Caddies are the premium quality promotional gift that is come sin five different delicious flavours
from $10.32 to $5.11 ea
1000 min qty

Wholesale Tea & Coffee are a popular and new advertising product, because of the widespread use of tea bags and coffee beans. Hotels can use these personalised tea bags and tea tins to promote their image and for when people need a cupper in their rooms. Your next business banquet might also need tea or coffee at each table until it is time for a toast.