Plastic Cups

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367ml Plastic White Cup
367ml Plastic White Cups with full colour print are ideal for special promotions
from $3.19 to $1.50 ea
125 min qty
Reusable 270ml Clear Cup
Reusable 270ml Clear Cups have the look and feel of a durable unique cup
from $2.10 to $0.69 ea
1000 min qty
367ml Clear Plastic Cup
367ml Clear Plastic Cups mean you can produce a forceful first impression
from $2.38 to $0.86 ea
1000 min qty
Tallwood Coffee Mug
Tallwood Coffee Mugs feature a telescoping design.
from $2.40 to $1.73 ea
300 min qty
Transparent 480ml Plastic Cup
Transparent 480ml Plastic Cups are ideal for restaurants and take away shops
from $2.43 to $0.89 ea
1000 min qty
Custom Clear Plastic 506ml Cup
Custom Clear Plastic 506ml Cups can be ordered with clear or domed disposable lids
from $2.52 to $0.97 ea
1000 min qty
Plastic Stadium Cup
713ml Plastic Stadium Cups let you make potent and individual cup designs
from $2.53 to $1.05 ea
1000 min qty
Movie Theatre Cup
Movie Theatre Cups in clear plastic have 591ml capacity and full colour printing
from $2.56 to $1.02 ea
1000 min qty
Large Transparent Printed Cup
Large Transparent Printed Cups offer great visual adaptability in hi definition with 949ml capacity
from $2.87 to $1.26 ea
1000 min qty
Haven Tumbler
Haven Tumblers are inclusive of a straw.
from $3.04 to $2.23 ea
250 min qty
Reusable 270ml Plastic Cup
Reusable 270ml Plastic Cups work well at concerts and motion picture venues
from $3.05 to $1.04 ea
250 min qty
Extra Large Clear 1295ml Cup
Extra Large Clear 1295ml Cups are popular hi definition full colour printing drink ware
from $3.06 to $1.51 ea
1000 min qty
White Plastic 480ml Cup
White Plastic 480ml Cups can be reused over and over again
from $3.22 to $0.78 ea
250 min qty
Reusable White Plastic 506ml Cup
Reusable Plastic 506ml Cups are dishwasher safe and ideal for movie theatre promotions
from $3.26 to $1.27 ea
250 min qty
Promotional Plastic Cup
Promotional Plastic Cups with 591ml cold beverage capacity can be ordered with disposable lids
from $3.30 to $1.33 ea
250 min qty
Full Colour Stadium Cup
Full Colour Stadium Cups hold 713ml and are popular for fans to keep as a memento
from $3.36 to $1.37 ea
250 min qty
Soul Drinking Tumbler
Soul Drinking Tumblers have a capacity of 592mls.
from $3.49 to $2.68 ea
250 min qty
Large Recyclable Plastic Cup
Large Recyclable Plastic Cups with 949ml capacity are durable, reusable and dishwasher safe
from $3.59 to $1.61 ea
250 min qty
Jumbo Recyclable Plastic Cup
Jumbo Recyclable Plastic Cups can hold 1295ml of liquid and are great for high impact advertising
from $3.93 to $1.87 ea
250 min qty
Dynamic Tint 500ml Cup
Dynamic Tint 500ml Cups are cool drink containers that change colour.
from $4.15 to $1.93 ea
100 min qty
TravelMax Tumbler
TravelMax Tumblers are perfect to take your drink with you to the next appointment.
from $28.39 to $17.06 ea
48 min qty

For holding food or drink at an event or retail store, you can’t look past investing in some custom printed plastic cups for your customers & clients! We stock amazing printed cups here for your company or event and can assure you that they will all look amazing with full colour prints. All of our cups are completely reusable and are safe to place in the dishwasher as well. Meaning you don’t have to continual buy more custom cups but can rest assured that your investment is getting put to good use! Shall we get started?