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13 July, 2022

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Branding Your Restaurant Mugs

Branded products are popping up everywhere in the restaurant and food industry, but some are still not convinced that branded mugs can benefit their business. Here’s why we think you should be considering branded mugs and what they can do for your business.

1. A Branded Mug is an Investment

Customers are 100% more likely to enjoy a branded mug in a café than an unbranded one. However, most restaurants don’t make this investment because they think it costs too much, or that customers will walk off with them and not come back to buy. But even if they do leave, there’s a good chance they will have already told their friends about your brand. And that's precisely what makes it such a substantial investment: word-of-mouth marketing.

Make sure to brand both sides of your coffee cup so no customer ever goes home without seeing and experiencing your brand. This is especially important in retail locations, where people might pass by other restaurants. In these cases, they want to see a design they can't get anywhere else and associate it with great service and quality products.

2. Using Branded Mugs Shows Customers That You Care

If a customer sees that you put thought into their dining experience, they’re more likely to return. If a branded mug is on every table at every seat, it gives them peace of mind knowing that no matter what seat they’re at, there will always be a way for them to identify their drinks. This builds trust between customers and your business.

In addition, when returning customers see that their mugs are still there from last time – it triggers fond memories of previous experiences and allows for an instant connection with staff. Using a branded mug improves drink sales. Your customers will keep coming back for more if they love your food too. But, if you want to boost sales even further, then consider using custom-branded mugs instead of generic ones.

3. A Branded Mug Makes An Impression

Besides allowing your customers to enjoy a cup of coffee, a branded mug can also make an impression on them. You can leave impressions about your business beyond food and beverage offerings. Your restaurant staff will have a chance to show customers who they are and what kind of environment they create when they’re serving beverages from their personalised cups.

Giving customers branded cups is an excellent way to promote loyalty – people tend to take pride in their belongings and feel connected to brands that have given them quality products. People may even want to collect different styles or sizes of mugs, which means you could see more customers over time and brand exposure in many locations throughout town.

People will always associate a mug with a company. When someone uses a branded mug to drink from, it will leave an impression of your restaurant in their mind. People are visual, and if they see something often enough, they’ll start associating it with whatever comes after. A brand means more than just what’s written on a logo; it’s about how that logo is presented in everything associated with it—including its cups.

The Mugs Only Team