Cafe Range

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Expresso Coffee Cup
Expresso Coffee Cups can be added to any merchandise line for any company with the customizing options available
from $4.31 to $2.78 ea
72 min qty
Cafe Grade Cappuccino Cup
Cafe Grade Cappuccino Cup are excellent cappuccino cups that can be customised with your companies custom design
from $5.55 to $4.27 ea
96 min qty
80ml Lynmouth Espresso Mug
80ml Lynmouth Espresso Mugs feature a large handle
from $6.88 to $5.19 ea
72 min qty
Lynmouth Coffee Cup
Lynmouth Coffee Cups can hold up to 200ml of liquid
from $7.20 to $5.47 ea
72 min qty
340ml Lynmouth Coffee Mug
340ml Lynmouth Coffee Mugs can be branded with your business logo
from $8.18 to $6.16 ea
72 min qty

Our website boasts one of the best ranges of ceramic cups, mugs & saucers in Australia. Our quality café cups are an asset to any hospitality business that can allow you to advertise and promote with style. All of our café range mugs can be customised and can include a matching saucer making it a perfect merchandise gift or even a great product for keeping around the office.

Restaurants and cafes are perfectly suited to using our café mugs as they are graded and geared towards the restaurant life with a strong construction and were designed to be put through industrial dish washers.

Print your restaurant and café logo directly onto the café ceramic cups and use them for customers to enjoy a great cup of coffee!