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28 June, 2022

5 Reasons Promotional Mugs Are Sill Effective Today

We've all got them - promotional mugs with a company logo or message printed on the side. Look at the office cupboard and even at home. 100% guaranteed you will have printed mugs in both. They have been a stalwart in the promotional products industry for many years and they still are to this day. Why are they still so effective? It's because they tick all the boxes of what a good promotional product should do. They have great visibility, they are reusable, they last a long time, they are affordable and they are easy to brand. For those that think promotional mugs are not worth investing in, we thought we'd list 5 top reasons why you should reconsider this stance and use them as part of your next promotional campaign.

1. Reusable

There has been a massive push in the past 10 years or so to try and get us all to stop using take away disposable paper cups when ordering coffee or tea. A coffee mug is the best way to stop this. They are reusable and extremely durable, so they will last a long time. This is perfect for anyone wanting to advertise, as it means you get a terrific ROI. Unlike a smaller plastic item such as a pen, which is easy to lose, ceramic mugs will last for years. Every time a client pulls the mug out to make their coffee, they will be reminded of your business. The best part is they don't even have to use the mug. As long as you have the correct branding, they will still notice the mug and your logo, even if they don't use the mug.

2. Easy To Brand

Coffee Mugs have a great branding area, especially if you pick one that is straight-sided. If it has straight sides, it means you can get a print wrapped all the way around the mug for the same price as printing just on one side. The added benefit to this is it doesn't matter which way the mug is facing, as people will be able to see your logo or message from either side. Most branding is done by pad printing and then cured in a low heat oven, but if you can get a wrap screenprinting, this is fired in a high fire oven, meaning the ink is cured more onto the mug and will last longer. You also have options for sublimation print, which gives you a full-colour print, including tonals, on the mug. A lot of companies that offer one-off designs use this method. Lastly, you can also do a decal print. These are awesome as they are vibrant in colour and are 100% dishwasher safe. There are so many ways to brand, you are only limited by your imagination.

3. Longevity

Ceramic is very hard-wearing. The only way a mug will get damaged is if someone drops it or hits it against another object. Otherwise, it will last forever. Unlike other items that may require batteries or perhaps refills, such as a pen, with a coffee mug, once it is received there is nothing more to do. I'm sure if you looked in the cupboard you would see mugs which you have had for years. What better investment is there than a product you know is going to be with your client for years to come.

4. Affordability

I know this might sound strange when a mug is going to cost you somewhere between $3 to $5 and you can buy a pen for under $0.50, but when you consider everything you get with a mug, it is good value and still affordable. As discussed above, mugs last a lifetime, so unlike other products that you have to either keep replacing or offer something new every six months or a year, a coffee mug is there to stay. When you add up what you spend every year on different products, think about how purchasing a branded coffee mug then makes sense and doesn't hit the hip pocket as much as you thought.

5. Visibility

Another great feature of promotional mugs is their visibility. We have touched on this in some of the other points above, but mugs are highly visible. If someone is drinking a coffee at their desk, the mug is just off to the side and if you have done a good job of the branding, your logo will be seen by them as long as the mug is on the desk. Not only that, but anyone approaching the desk or is in view of it will also see the branding. If it is put in the sink to be washed up, anyone coming by will see your logo. When they open the cupboard to reach for a mug, whether it is your mug or another one, they will see the branding. Mugs are terrific when it comes to his. Unlike other products that get put in drawers or pockets, or if on the desk lay flat for only the user to see, mugs are visible to everyone.

You may not think mugs are still relevant today in regards to promotional products, but hopefully, we've been able to show you this is not the case. If you would like to use mugs in your next promotion but are unsure of which type would be most effective, give us a call or send us an email and we'd love to help. We have over 20 years of experience, so we know everything there is to know about coffee mugs.

The Mugs Only Team