woman sitting in cafe with mug

30 March, 2022

Promotional Mugs For Restaurant Giveaways

Promotional mugs are the ideal gift. They are reusable, last a long time (just don't drop them) and have a large branding area. One way you can use them in the restaurant sector is to give them out to customers as a thank you after dining at your establishment. You can set a pre-determined dollar spend that people have to reach and if they do, they get to take home one of your mugs. It allows you to advertise your restaurant and helps bond the customer more to come back again.

When a customer takes the mug home, they will be constantly reminded of your restaurant every time they use it for their homebrew coffee. It’s a great way to get brand reinforcement at a low cost. One way you can improve this is to bring out different designs throughout the year. It might be to designate certain celebratory events, such as the anniversary of your restaurant opening or weather themes - you could do one for summer, autumn, winter and spring. If you do this, they then become collectable and people will want to come back for dinner just so they can add to their collection. It’s what’s done on a mass scale at somewhere like McDonald's where they have a 6 or 8 set of different glasses and you get one each time you come in, with the expectation people will want to collect all 6 to make up the set.

You could also do special day coffee mugs for those big dates throughout the year. You can have one for Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate those special occasions with take-home theme printed mugs.

a little money on getting a good graphic design person to do different themes. If they are nice enough, besides giving one away with each dinner, you can also sell them as restaurant merchandise for people to purchase. You can also run special promotions on the mugs with offers printed on them. Perhaps you can offer a free dessert if they bring their coffee mug back to the restaurant for their next dinner, or maybe offer a small percentage discount on their meal. There are many creative ways you can brand the mugs to ensure you get your customers interacting with your brand.

You can also get your customers to be interactive with your social media. Run a competition for the best picture to be sent in where they are using your coffee mug. Offer a free meal or maybe a gift card to the ones you get the most likes on their post.

Another way to use them is for those slow trading nights you have. Over time you’ll be aware your restaurant is very busy on some days and nights, while others are slower trading days. Entice people to come in with their mug in hand on those slower nights to get discounts on their meals. Showing them what they can save by using the coffee mug, they’ll see it will pay for itself in no time.

Staying with the social media theme, you could also look at doing something with Facebook. Maybe run a promotion. Encourage posters to like your page and announce a winner after a certain time period.

There are many ways a restaurant can benefit by giving away promotional mugs. If you’d like to run a campaign or just want to purchase some coffee mugs for your establishment, we’d love to help you. Just send us an email or give us a call and let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we can guide you as to the best mug to suit your requirements.

The Mugs Only Team